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Job Responsibilities 1. Develop project development plans and define R&D project outputs;
2. Undertake the structural design work in the design plan;
3. Responsible for the process management in the project development process, and solve the problems in time;
4. Compile various technical and process documents including R&D data, product test data and technical documents.

Job requirements 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanics and polymer;
2.3 years of experience in project management or R&D in the medical industry, and more than 3 years of design experience;
3. Familiar with the quality and legal requirements of the medical industry IS013485 system/GMP is preferred.

*You can apply online or send an email to: ags@bioags.com

Job responsibilities
1. Follow the market dynamics, understand the development trend of the industry, and grasp the latest situation of competitors;
2. Investigate customer needs and form business requirements documents;
3. According to market demand and sharing, plan product development routes, design product business and service models, and define related functional modules, responsible for product life cycle management;
4. Coordinate internal resources and follow up the development progress;
5. Cooperate with marketing personnel in product promotion planning, assist in formulating pricing strategies and promotion strategies;
6. Daily management and maintenance of products, and continuous improvement of products.

Job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above in key university, major in computer, information system, e-commerce, etc.;
2. More than 2 years of work experience in new product design or development in the Internet field;
3. Familiar with the realization process of Internet products, including the entire process from user research and demand analysis to product development and testing;
4. Have good project planning and coordination capabilities, and be able to effectively realize the project schedule according to the time node;
5. Have strong logical thinking ability, certain industry experience and technology accumulation, and have a keen insight into the development trend of related industries;
6. Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, and have good document writing skills;
7. Product design experience in the field of third-party payment, commercial banking, and e-commerce is preferred.

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