Excellent! They are the most shining in this commendation conference!Release date: 2021-06-03

AGS 2020 Annual commendation Ceremony

“Craftsman”、“Excellent shift leader”

“Quality Guardian”、”CostGuardian”

“The most Dedicated employee”、 “Best SalesAward”

“Outstanding employee”、“Outstanding team”

At the ceremony

Full of a sense of ceremony

Full of a sense of happiness

Full of a sense of harvest


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On the afternoon of June 1st, 2020 annualcommendation conference for AGS was held in the big conference room on thefirst floor. The commendation conference was opened in the latest promotionalvideo released by the company. The conferenceawarded 7 awards to 70 employees, and the director of each department presentedprizes to the winners.

President Oration

Thanks to the extraordinary award-winningstaffs and the family of AGS for their dedication and efforts in theextraordinary 2020. We hope thatemployees and enterprises can grow together in 2021. In addition to the growthof ability, we also hope that everyone can make their own pockets bulgingthrough efforts. Thank you againto all the staff at AGS.

Staff commendation

Live up to the youth and times, this is a harvestseason. No painsno gains. Theymust have worked hard for their gains.  In the new 2021, let uscontinue to unite as one rope and work together to create a new brilliance forAGS.  Let us extend our hearty congratulations to the winners once again!  Atthe same time, I sincerely wish AGS a brighter and better future!

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